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An Urgent Message Regarding COVID 19

Help us save lives by joining AVVAKEND and The American Justice Alliance in the COMBAT COVID campaign to raise awareness and funds to provide personal protective equipment ( PPEs) face masks, soaps and sanitizers to underrepresented, vulnerable and in-need communities.

As we know, our prison system is overcrowded and often filled with people fighting wrongful conviction cases!
By Carson Dougherty    |   14 May 2020   

Our panel of experts advise the very nature of prisons means they are set up to act as a breeding ground for infectious diseases, if one were to run rampant. People sleep 12-to-a-room, hundreds dine together in a big hall, and there is limited movement, with most being restricted indoors at this time. Inmates are given one bar of soap per week to be used for both personal hygiene and laundry...

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This is a public health crisis that threatens to become a humanitarian disaster.
By Carson Dougherty    |   14 May 2020

“This is a public health crisis that threatens to become a humanitarian disaster", says Mary Bassett (who was the New York City Health Commission) in the New York Times, "COVID-19 is now becoming a threat that takes our system’s inhumanity to a new and even more horrific level: we know that the virus spreads in confined groups with frightening speed and efficiency.

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By Anita    |   14 May 2020   |   Design

You will be able to see the direct impact of your activism and charitable contributions memorialized by top filmmakers as much of the above will be filmed for a documentary series that follows the journey of those affected as well as several volunteers and donors like yourselves being united, proactive and of service in the face of this existential threat. The stories of survival and overcoming the crisis, as well as learning from tragic losses must be memorialized honestly and powerfully for ourselves and future generations.

By Christina    |   14 May 2020

Creative content, items, fashion, and original songs donated by designers & artists (including prisoners) will be available for sale and/or downloads where all net profits go to this charitable cause. Short story narrative testimonials and music videos will also incorporate submitted footage of how you and your contributions are saving and transforming lives through the #GoUnViral movement and #CombatCovid campaign.